10 things happy people doI found a great article on Lifehack.org this weekend and just had to share it.  It is a simple article called “10 Things Happy People do Differently” and is worth a quick read (it will take you 5 minutes … 🙂

These articles are not filled with profound insights that no one has ever thought about .. no, it’s filled with basic things that we all know about, but usually take for granted.  We’ve become so “busy” with our lives, planning the future and regretting the past that we forget the most important thing:


Now, the time you are in at this very moment is the only time you can do, change and have an effect on your and someone else’s life. Make sure you appreciate it and take action.  Below I have summarized the 10 points from the article for the busy ones :).  If you have a little more time, pop over to the article and read it, it will be time well spent:

10 Things Happy People do Differently

  1. 10 things happy people do differentlyHappy People find balance in their lives – They are content with what they have in life and don’t waste time worrying about things they do not have
  2. Happy People abide by the Golden Rule – Treat others as you would like to be treated
  3. Happy People do not sweat the small stuff – They let go.  If something bad happens, tough luck, let it go and move on
  4. Happy People take Responsibility – They recognize that they are not perfect and DO NOT BLAME OTHERS
  5. Happy People surround themselves with Happy People – That’s right, not rocket science 🙂
  6. Happy People are Honest with themselves and others – Honesty and trustworthiness, enough said!
  7. Happy People show signs of Happiness – YES .. smile and laugh a bit.
  8. 10 little things happy people doHappy People are Passionate – They found their mission in life and do what THEY love
  9. Happy People see Challenges as Opportunities – Challenges are accepted, negatives turned into positives and “failures” are lessons learnt
  10. Happy People live in the Present – This is the BIGGIE. You cannot change the past and you cannot live in the future .. the time is NOW!

If you likes the summary, be sure to read the full article –> here , you won’t regret it.

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