11 Easy Steps to Crush Procrastination

It’s Monday morning and a whole lot of people will wake up this morning says “Why was the weekend so short”, “If only I can have one more day”, “Maybe I should take a Benilyn day” … It’s called the Monday morning blues and most people living their lives from day to day suffer from this.

I’ve been going through “The Happiness Effect” by Shawn Achor and he addresses the issue of procrastination from a psychological point of view … it is fascinating, so I decided to start the week with a post motivating you to STOP procrastination and TAKE ACTION!!

I read an interesting article on Psychologytoday.com this weekend about just this and have summarized the main point for you below.  Notice it’s SUMMARIZED, so don;t procrastinate (yes intended!!), take 5 minutes and read it now.  It will set you up for a perfectly productive week!

Below are 11 proven methods that are guaranteed to crush any procrastination in your life.  You don;t have to use all techniques all the time, but find ones that work for you and use it starting NOW.

11 Easy Steps to Crush Procrastination1)  Question: “Why do you not procrastinate MORE?”

Ask yourself this question  “Why don’t I procrastinate more?”.  Sounds strange I know, but knowing why you do not procrastinate on everything in your life (could loose your job, wife will divorce you, you will never get anything done), could be the motivating factor you need to get you to start doing the things you put off daily

2) Monitor the conversation with your inner self

What conversions do you have with yourself when you try to rationalize your procrastination? “I will do it later”, “I do not feel like doing it now”, “I will be fresher in the morning”, that’s correct, we are really good at convincing ourselves to do something later.  Just know this, you can never get your time back.  Time wasted now is time you cannot go back to!

3) Replace you Core Principles toward work

Humans like to get as much as possible from as little effort as possible.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to find short cuts to be more productive, but in order for statement above to be positive you actually HAVE TO GET THINGS DONE.

You need to change your Core Principles from “Doing as little as possible” to “Being as productive as possible in the shortest possible time”

4) Be conscious about your decision to Procrastinate

Just ask one simple question “Is the Short Term pleasure of avoiding this Important task worth the sacrifice in Long Term benefit?”

5) One second at a time

We tend to get overwhelmed by big tasks and can convince ourselves to procrastinate in a heartbeat, but all you need to do is tackle the next small step.  Just look what you can do in the next few seconds.  When that is done, tackle the next few seconds.  Small steps to a massive goal!

6) Only struggle for 1 minute

When you presented with a problem you are struggling with, deal with it for 1 minute.  If you are not getting anywhere in that 1 minute, take a break and come back to it or see if you can complete the task without solving the problem.  Don’t get to a point where the struggle becomes frustration and you just give up.

beat procrastination now

7) Fun ..!

We procrastinate because we would rather have fun than do a task, so find a fun way to do your task or find the fun in the task itself.

8) Trying is better than failure

Trying to do something and get a task done is progress.  Whether is is completed immediately or you learn one way of not doing it, trying is better than doing NOTHING.

9) Take baby steps

Similar to Step 5, but here you will start your task with it being broken into smaller tasks already.  In baby step at a time will guide you to a massive completed task.

do it now!10) Time yourself .. huh?

Get a timer and set it for 20 minutes, smash out some tasks and when the time goes off, take a 5 minute break.  Then do another round of 20 minutes and then take a 10 minutes break.  Another round or 20 minutes and a then 15 minute break.  The increased breaks could be the motivation needed to be your most productive self in 20 minutes at a time.

11) Get an APP

Yip, it’s all about smart devices out there and I am sure you will find some great apps you can use to smash Crush your Procrastination.  Just search the words “Procrastination”, “Productivity” etc and you are sure to find some great APP’s for Android or Apple.


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