habits of highly successful peopleWe sometimes look at the world’s extremely successful people and think:

  • What do they have that I don’t
  • They are just so lucky
  • Everything is so easy for them
  • etc etc etc

The reality is that these successful have, at one time of their lives, been through extremely difficult times.  Everything from depression to a business on the brink of collapse, but they all have a tendency to get back up and do it AGAIN (#GiganticAction).

Today I want to give you 16 Habits that extremely successful (and very rich) people have.  Go through them and see what you have to work on.

1) Live within Your means

Overspending is a recipe for disaster.  You cannot spend more than you earn and put your future self into further debt.  On the contrary, Successful People pay there future self’s FIRST.  Saving for the future is the first “expense” for the month.  Decide on a % to save and live on the remaining portion.  As you get good at saving, increase the %.

2) Don’t gamble

I have never been a big gambler, mainly due to a farther that was and cannot understand why people do it.  The statistics on how many struggling people spend their time gambling is staggering though .. over 77%!  In stead of hoping for a lucky break, spend you money creating your own luck.

3) Read daily

I love the saying – “Leaders are Readers”.  Did you know that among the wealthy and highly successful people almost 90% read at LEAST 30 minutes a day.  There is definitely a lesson in this.  If you feel you don’t have time .. make time.  Looking at the statistics it is worth doing.

BTW – if you spend a lot of time in the car commuting daily, get some audio books, it’s a great way of taking in knowledge.

Read a book in 20 minutes a day

4) Switch off the Idiot Box and stop surfing the Net!

How much valuable time are you wasting watching TV or surfing the net.  Think about it, is what you are watching and surfing for getting your closing to your goals in life?  If it is, you are watching the correct information, if not STOP it and and rather go back to point 3 🙂

5) Stay in control of your emotions

We cannot always control events on out live, but we can control how we react to it.  Did you know that 94% of wealthy people filter their emotions (yes there is a stat for this).  This has to mean there is value in attaining this skill.

6) Network and volunteer

More than 75% of successful people network and volunteer at least 5 hours of their time a month.  That is not a lot of time, but think of the connections that are being built up.  If all these people do this, chances are you will meet some of them while doing it yourself.

7) Do more than what is expected

Whether is is in your own work, in your business or providing service, always provide more than what is expected of you. Get rid of the “it’s not my job syndrome”,  no one has ever succeeded with this attitude and no one ever will.

Stop wishing Start Doing8) Stop wishing, set goals

A wish is a dream without action.  This causes more frustration than anything else.  Be productive and set goals to attain those wishes in your life.  You will feel great and you will be able to track progress .. a great motivator to keep going!

Keep in mind that over 70% of successful have at least one BIG goal they are working toward.

9) Stop the Big P

Procrastination is the mother of all diseases in the land of the unsuccessful.  DO NOT PROCRASTINATE, when you need to do something, get it done immediately (#GiganticAction).  Successful people use little tools to keep them taking action daily (to-do lists, accountability partners, affirmations etc), find what works for you and just get it done.

10) Less talking more listening

Successful people are great at listening … period!  It’s through listening that successful people realize what people are struggling with and then create solutions that make them very very rich.  Try and get a ratio that works for you, but start by listening more in your daily conversations with others.

11) Avoid toxic people

This can be quite difficult sometimes (think of current friends, family and so on), but you have to stop surrounding yourself with toxic people.  More than 85% of wealthy people associate with wealthy people .. that should be a big enough reason to do the same.

12) Never give Up

There are no such things as failures, only lessons in life!  Live this mantra in your daily life and never … ever .. give up on your goals!

13) Get rid of self-limiting believes

As we grow up we start believing things that we where taught as children and in your daily lives you see “evidence” of all that you have learned, but what if this is not true?

Things like:

  • You have to work hard to be a entrepreneur
  • Rich people are lucky
  • I am not good at selling
  • ….

These are all limiting believes.  If it does not move you closer to your goal, get rid of it and change your believes.  It’s no always easy, I know .. just do it!

14) Get a mentor

This is a biggie.  Yes even the rich and successful have mentors.  you are not an expert in everything in your life, so get someone that has achieved what you want to achieve as a mentor.  It will be money and time well invested in a fantastic future. Just a note, over 90% of successful people have mentors)

15) “Bad luck” does not exist

Stop telling yourself you have bad luck, their is no such thing.  You just learned a lesson because of poor preparation or bad habits.

Fix what is wrong, change your habits, learn your lessons and be better prepared.

16) Know your purpose in life

Whats your purposeWhat is your purpose in life, your dreams (think of when youwhere a child)?  If you are not financially successful at the moment chances are you are not doing what you love.  Think about it .. it’s crazy.  you do something you hate, you feel unsuccessful and you keep doing it .. does the word insanity ring a bell?

Here is a quick method to start discovering your purpose:

  • Make a list of all the things that make you happy
  • Highlight the things that need a skill and identify the skill
  • Rank the top 10 in terms of joy (10 points to number 1, then 9 points, then 8 etc)
  • Now rank the top ten in terms of income potential (again 10 points for the highest, then 9 points etc)
  • Total the columns and see which activity on your list has the highest points … That’s your purpose.

Tackle these points daily and make them habits in your life.  If the successful and rich people of our world do this, you should do it too.

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