I’m sure you have heard of the term Creative Visualization.  If not, don’t worry, here is a quick summary:

Creative VisualizationCreative Visualization according to Wikipedia:

Creative visualization refers to the practice of seeking to affect the outer world by changing one’s thoughts and expectations. Creative visualization is the basic technique underlying positive thinking and is frequently used by people to enhance their performance.

The first time I heard about this term I was only a boy reading a Bodybuilding guide by Arnold Schwarzenegger.  He openly discussed this practice and how it helped him become the best at his sport.  So at the age of 16 (when I decided to become a body builder) I started the same practice.  I was young and at that time did not even consider that this could not work, but Arnold was doing it so it must work.

I never became the professional body builder (too much ADHD with all the other things I wanted to become), but I did achieve one thing.  I always wanted big biceps and visualized that my arms would be a certain size and let me tell you, after two years of this practice, my arms was almost the size of my quads 🙂

So What? 🙂

Now what has all this got to do with you? Well, the simple fact that creative visualization works means YOU should be using this “unfair” advantage in your daily life to achieve your goals quicker.  Why, because your subconscious will start accepting your visualizations as fact and help you achieve it FULL TIME.

Just like anything else in life there are certain ways to do things (some better than others) and sometimes ninja methods to do things REALLY well, Creative Visualization is no different.  Below I have listed 3 Secrets to Effective Visualization that you can use starting TODAY.

1) Attention to Detail

To visualize you need to experience in your minds eye.  It’s not just about sight.  You need to fell the air on your skin, smell the smells in the air, see you outcome in full color, hear the sounds around you and taste the tastes of the day.

Spend time on the detail, it will make or break your success.

2) Be Consistent

Creative Visualization is not a on time practice and everything falls in your lap, forget it.  It is a consistent practice (like meditation, training in the gym, running, painting etc) and the more you do it the better you will get at it and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the more effective it will be in your life.

3) You Must Believe It

When you stick to the first two steps you will start to think that it “might” just be possible.  Let that feeling stick and push it to PURE belief.  “To be Your Visualization you must Believe in Your Visualization”.

Burt Goldman Quantum JumpingAwesome Bonus

I started a very powerful Creative Visualization practice about a year ago.  It’s called Quantum Jumping and is taught by Burt Goldman.

Burt has spent over 30 years practicing Quantum Jumping and has used this technique to become a gallery-displayed painted, a pioneer in a new method of photography and a very successful author (to name but a few of his achievements)

He has perfected the practice of Creative Visualization through his method called Quantum Jumping, an amazing guided visualization process.  If this is something that you would like to experience (don’t think, ACT!!) be sure to Register for Burt’s FREE Online Training Here.

You get to experience the power of Burt’s Quantum Jumping first hand, just register and ENJOY  the experience.

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