Last year I had the opportunity to meet Tom Chi in Mexico.  Who is Tom Chi you might ask .. well let me tell you:

  • Do you know about Google Glass?
  • Do you know about Google self driving cars?
  • Do you know about GoogleX?

If you do .. well then I’m here to tell you that Tom was heading all this (and A LOT more) up for Google.  He is an engineer, absolute genius and down to earth individual that gave up the corporate world for a mission in fixing the inequalities of our world.

He is a fascinating speaker and his knowledge of almost everything that I am able to talk about (not much in Tom’s sphere of knowledge) is incredible.  Below is a video of Tom’s talk in Mexico and I was blessed enough to watch this one live.  It’s called 5 Mental Debugs for success.

Do yourself a favor and watch this video.  Take 30 minutes of your time, pen and paper and listen to the incredible advise shared and remember – TAKE ACTION:

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