I have fantastic news for GiganticAction.com followers.

I have been extremely blessed in that I became close friends with Anil Gupta at Awesomenessfest in Mexico (Nov 2014).  He is a genius is teaching Awareness, Living in the Now and Happiness.

Anil is one of the most generous people with his advise and he lives what he teaches.  You just have to look at him and Meena (his wife) when they are together.  It is true love, respect and PURE happiness!  Anil visits Richard Branson on Necker Island often and also travels the world helping people by teaching them that life is not a destination, but a journey worth travelling.

I got carried away .. My apologies .. 🙂

The news: Anil has agreed to take time out of his busy schedule and do a live call with me toward the End of April 2015 and I will be putting together my first Webinar with a Genius is their field.

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Below is a beautiful info-graphic showing the Genius of this man.  I have taken the advise below and implemented it with my children and let me assure you, the change is immediate.  The webinar will only be later this month, but you can implement the 5 Questions method below starting TODAY!



12 Steps to Thrive

Thanks to http://mindvalleyacademy.com for this beautiful infographic.

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