Arnold 6 rules to successArnold Schwarzenegger is one of my favorite athletes and motivators of all time.  Since I can remember I had posters of him up on my walls and read everything from the Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding to his last autobiography Total Recall.  I watched every single movie from Pumping up to the last ones that where released (yip, the good and the bad)

Now not everyone will be a fan like me, but today I want to share Arnold’s 6 Rules of Success with you.  It’s a short video (4 min 30 secs) and will give you proper motivation for the day .. just take 5 minutes and watch it.

He covers the following 6 Rules to Success:

1) Trust Yourself – Who do YOU want to be?

2) Break the Rules – It’s impossible to be a maverick if you are too well behaved

3) Don’t be afraid to fail – It’s not failure, its a lesson!

4) Ignore the Naysayers – If they say “no one has ever done that before”, you can be the FIRST

5) Work your butt off – No pain no Gain … and my favorite, sleep faster 🙂

6) Give back – Giving back to your community will be your biggest satisfaction of all

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