I took my 2 children to go watch the movie “Inside Out” this weekend and WOW!!! was it fun.

I decided to go on recommendation of a friends I met in Mexico and it was truly amazing.  It’s all about how the mind works and my 8 year old daughter found in very intriguing.  She understood all the concepts and even had some interesting questions to ask afterward.

This just made me realize that you are never to young to learn complex ideas as long as it is explained in a manner that the audience targeted, understands.  If you have some time, be sure to go watch it and take your kiddies with 🙂

Following onto the above I want to give you some motivation today in the form of a 3 minute video.  I’m not going to say too much, just “Watch it NOW!!”



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  1. Samuel Osakwe Reply

    That is really powerful, thanks a million for that wonderful vidieo.

    • nico smit Reply

      Hi Samuel,

      Thanks for the comment. Stay tuned for more weekly inspiration 🙂

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