So who am I???

My 2 AngelsI’m an average guy, father to two angles and searcher for the good things in life.

I hate the rate race, 9 to 5 is for pansies, 7 day weekend is a destination to strive for.

I help others to do what I do and do it with brutal honesty.

And yes … I do exist.

I started my personal development journey in March 2014 and by November 2014 I was hugging Lisa Nichols.

Yes, Lisa Nichols, the star of The Secret (see my happy smile below)


Lisa Nichols and Nico Smit

 I live in beautiful South Africa (NO Lions do not walk in the streets)

I give high value info at No or Low costs (make sure you download your free Silva Life System Course on the right –>)

I live for a dream – Helping others is my passion

I am looking for like minded people to join me in the crusade of giving the day job a middle finger

I embrace Freedom, Choice, Time with Family, Living Life on MY terms

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So come along and join the ride!

Nico “Gigantic Action” Smit



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