Can We Transform Instantly?

One of the most AMAZING realizations I had at Awesomeness Fest in Costa Rica happened during a 1 hour session with Marisa Peer.

I was not that familiar with Marisa’s work and must admit .. is was all about Hypnotherapy … what on earth is that right?

One good thing is that my intention for Afest was to try ANYTHING that was offered to me .. so I decided to concentrate, listen and see what advise Marisa had to offer.  It was no average talk either .. Marisa had this beautiful voice and listening to her was an absolute pleasure.  She did a quick introduction and told us about her work and in what industries she works in.

Marisa Peer Afest

That’s when it hit me … This is no ordinary therapist.  If you see a film start or a sports legend that is struggling with their career .. chances are Marisa is helping them to get through it.  She works with VERY HIGH end clients and her methods work .. period.

After the brief introduction she gave us a quick explanation of what Hypnotherapy is and what she is going to do .. we just had to follow along.  We were allowed to lay down on the floor (I was already on the puffs in the front .. so no big adjustment for me) and then close our eyes.

It started with some breathing and very basic body movements and during this period Marisa started to hypnotize an audience of 350 people.  I really though Hypnosis was all mumbo jumbo (although I have done some massive research into how the brain works) .. but come on .. hypnotizing 350 people all at one .. that’s got to be impossible right? .. I WAS SOOOO WRONG!

All the people I spoke to afterward had a life changing experience (INCLUDING ME).  I could not quite understand what happened.  I thought I fell asleep and missed most of the 1 hour session .. it was busy days and the nights where very late in Costa Rica 🙂 .. but then I had the pleasure of spending another week with Marisa and discussed this experience at length with her on Halloween night in San Jose.

Here is the main message Marisa teaches -> ANYTHING IS AVAILABLE TO YOU … and if you do not believe it, it is YOUR beliefs and not the truth.

Marisa basically took me through my experience again in the form of an informal chat and I explained to her how I went back to this 1 incident in my childhood and how I fell asleep and missed the last part.  Then she asked me “How do you know you fell asleep?”

I told her that I could not remember the last part and only woke up when she was giving her closing and she said “Exactly .. that’s what hypnosis is, you think you are asleep


The reality is I “woke up” feeling incredible, almost as if some age old issue was taken away in an instant.  It’s like sleeping for a full 12 hours and feeling about as refreshed as diving into a cool pool on a hot day .. AMAZING.

It was after this discussion in a love Mexican restaurant in San Jose that I felt the most amazing gratitude toward Marisa.  This is someone that deals with people that will pay a fortune for 1 hour with her and she took the time (more than once) to truly get to know me and explain to me what I experienced and how I can build on this.

She is incredible.  Her methods WORK and she is just so incredibly good at helping people.

I believe in her methods so much that I want to offer you a FREE 1 hour session with Marisa.  This won’t be one on one, but you will be able to experience what I did on a Masterclass training session on December 8.  DO NOT MISS THIS (If you get to this blog after the session, my apologies).

Marisa is an extremely busy person and will probably not do this again soon so Take Action now!

Click this link and Register today.  There are 2 sessions available so you have no excuse that you are in the wrong time zone :0

I would Love to hear from you!