101 Goals and DreamsIn my quest to find my purpose in life I am being coached by Jack Canfield.  Technology is absolutely fantastic and I love the fact that I can get coached by one of the most successful people on earth through a simple medium called the Internet 🙂

I am still only in the beginning of my journey, but some of the exercises I have had to do has been truly profound.  Not many people think about life in this way and that is probably why NOT MANY people are ever happy with their current position in life.

You can call it what you want:

  • Success
  • Happiness
  • Content
  • Fulfilled
  • etc

It does not really matter, what matters is how you feel about the so called “Success” you are currently experiencing.  It is important to set specific goals, believe in yourself and your abilities and then measure yourself on How far you have come, NOT How far You must STILL go!  Most people get this simple step wrong after setting their goals … but I don’t want to get ahead of myself. Let’s go back to the first step.

Actually setting goals / dreams to start off with!

I’m not talking about the little things either.  When Jack Canfield gives you a few to-do’s you can be assured it will not be easy.  This one exercise I had to do over the weekend made such a big impact on me I decided to share it and URGE every one of you to do it …  TODAY!! Remember, this is Gigantic Action.com , not LeaveitUntilTomorow.com 🙂

Dream so Big you know it was you

101 Goals and Dreams

In the exercise you have to write down 101 Goals and Dreams you want to achieve in your life.  It has to be BIG, take you completely out of your comfort zone and when writing out every one of these, that negative talk in your brain must say “WHAT, you can’t do that!!!”

There is a reason you have to dream this BIG.  It must be BIG so that, when you reach any one of these, you will know that you only achieved this because of the changes you implemented in your life.  If you set average goals and achieve it, you might say to yourself “Ahh, you would have achieved this in any way.  It’s got nothing to do with the changes you made”

So go ahead, write down 101 BIG Goals and Dreams. If you can’t get to 101, don’t worry.  Write down what you can and build on your list.  I only got to 38 this weekend, THAT’S IT.  I could not believe it.  It opens your eyes and you start realizing that you do not think enough about your goals and what you want to achieve.

Needless to say, this weekend this changed RADICALLY for me.

Here are some of my examples (just to give you an idea of how BIG):

  • Meet Arnold Schwarzenegger in California
  • Go to Necker Island and have Lunch with Sir Richard Branson
  • Visit Google Headquarters
  • Learn to play the Piano
  • Cycle across a continent
  • etc

the best way to predict the future is to create it

I’m sure you get the idea.

I’ll give yo a few days to do this and will do another Blog on Wednesday with the next step .. ACTION, but for now:

  • get quite
  • set at least 1 hour aside and
  • put your dreams down on paper

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  1. Nicole Baldrige Reply

    So very great!!! I’ve been dreaming BIG & I’ve been told that I need to, “be more realistic”. I smile & nod, but I haven’t given up – completely. As a single mother & sole provider of three young babes, I do get overwhelmed & let my monkey mind begin to chatter “settle down, stop dreaming of traveling the world with your babes, while spreading the words of awareness & connection, to nature & the heart. I can obtain property on Maui where I can host retreats, workshops & awareness seminars. I CAN, not only sustain us financially, but have financial freedom & abundance….. So, thank you!! This is a good kick in the bootie reminder to keep DREAMING BIG. I’m re-motivated to push forward and move away from my dream smushers!! I so look forward to your future tips, reminders & bootie kicks. & again, THANK YOU!!!

    • nico smit Reply

      Hi Nicole, I’m really glad you got a good kick up the bootie from this 🙂

      I love your attitude, keep it going!!

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