create visualizationWe all have goals we want to achieve.  This could be Financial, Emotional, Physical or any other goal that you decide that you want to achieve in life.

When you ask questions about “Create Visualization”, you have already made your choices, you decided to take action, you have the drive, the motivation to get there.  The only step from now is to make the decision on WHAT action to take.

I am going to use a simple example of Create Visualization to show you exactly how I do it and how it works for me.  Remember this is just an example – This technique can be used to achieve ANY of your goals.

Example of goal to achieve – I need buy a home based business system for $500

Create Visualization – Step 1

Step one to create visualization is to be specific about what needs to be done and by when you need to do it.  Specifics is key and you need it to ensure you mind and emotion is in the same place when you create visualisation of the future.  Put yourself under pressure and only allow 72 hours to get to your goal.

Write down how you have achieved your goal in the present tense. Then write down 50 ways that you can think of, that this can be done.

Brainstorm with yourself, write it down all your option and remember, non of your choices can result in any other party being worse off.

For this example let’s say the following:

What I write down:  “I am sitting in from of my computer, today is “72 hours after I made the commitment” and have just deposited my $500 for the business that I have purchased.  This feels great.  The kettle is boiling and I will now get the cup of coffee I was going to make before I made the deposit.

My stomach has got some butterflies, but I know it is just the excitement that I now own a business and will be successful .  The barking dogs strangely sounds comforting today and I don’t need to get upset about it.”

I hope you understand what I am doing here.  You need to make sure you create visualization that is realistic.  Make it as detailed as possible, but write it out.  Don’t keep it locked up in your head .. this needs to come out.

NOW .. read this out loud to yourself 3 times

NOW .. write out the 50 ways you can get to this.  For example:

  1. Borrow $500 from a friend
  2. Borrow $100 from 5 friends
  3. Take out a loan from the bank for $500
  4. Use my credit card to pay for the $500
  5. And so on and so on

Write out 50 ways to do this .. not 48, not 49, but 50

Create Visualization – Step 2

create visualization process

You have now written out your goal as achieved in the present tense, written out 50 ways (remember no one else can be worse off due to your choices) and have read your goal out loud three times.

For step 2 in the Create Visualization process we will now visualize the future based on the info above.

Visualize the future and the past (it could be forward / backward, left / right, up / down etc).  Visualize yourself moving into the future (in my case forward) and getting to your goal.

You will have the 50 ways of getting there fresh in your mind, so visualise a way of how you get to your future in the present.

With the 50 methods fresh in your minds and your mind moving into the future …. It will just hit you.  Your subconscious will take over and you will just know which one of the 50 methods must be used to achieve your goal.

This works … don’t roll your eyes or think this is mumbo jumbo … just do it and see for yourself.

Create Visualization – Step 3

Step 3 in the create visualization process is moving further into the future.  Visualize yourself moving past the 72 hour deadline, achieving your goal (wow that was easy … ) and moving onto further success.

visualize successMove 1 week out, 2 weeks out, 1 month out … see your new $500 business growing weekly into a $1000 dollars a month business, then a $1000 a week business .. THEN a $1000 a day business and keep going until it scares the living daylights out of you.

Now feel that adrenaline pumping … open your eyes … and ACT .. ACT .. ACT!

The create visualization process works .. period.  It is the first process in taking Gigantic Action.  You see yourself in Action through visualization and your subconscious takes over.

Before you know it, you have done what you visualised.

You owe it to yourself to give this Create Visualisation process a go and succeed .. So get going.

Nico “Visualize” Smit

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