Does Meditation Work?

Anyone that has followed this blog or the Gigantic Action Facebook Page will know that I believe you cannot truly achieve you full potential in life without a daily practice of meditation.

This could be the simple act of taking out 5 – 10 minutes in the morning, closing your eyes and just concentrating on your breathing OR it could be a deep TM meditation lasting for hours.  To me it does not matter, as long as you have a daily practice of switching off from the chaos and just becoming present and mindful of your body, your breath and your senses.

Science has now proven over and over that a daily practice of meditation will reduce stress, reduce the chatter in your mind and help with your concentration.  All factors that lead to higher productivity and better health.

Now you might say … “That’s great, but Why do I REALLY need to meditate daily“. For me it was simple .. do it and then see what the results are.  Life is about action and I prefer to experience results in stead of asking too many questions and then missing out on time that could have been used in a more productive way … BUT I know not everyone is like me, so below are 5 key reasons for the skeptics 🙂

benefits of meditation

Meditation makes you less crazy

That’s a bold statement I know, but how many of us just feel like they drive themselves crazy daily.

  • What if …
  • Why ….
  • If only …

These type of questions flow through our minds and we spend FAR too much time giving attention to them.  Meditation will teach you to control this chatterbox in your head and you will learn to direct your thoughts to what matters most in your life.  Will this happen overnight … NO, but you will get better every single day.

The key is to do it DAILY .. don’t skip a day, just do it.  You can start with 5 minutes a day …. 5 minutes … EVERYONE have 5 minutes!!

Mediation warns you when you lie to yourself

So what is this all about … Well, how many of you tell yourselves things like:

  • I’m not good enough to do this ….
  • I just do not have the time to do this …
  • If only I did this yesterday I could have …

Why we should meditateAll this forms part of that inner chatter that keep you from taking action.  We spin our wheels worrying, criticizing ourselves, regret and all those useless emotions and they are ALL LIES!!!

When you meditate you will become more aware of circumstances and realize these are all lies.  Your mind will become stronger and you will start noticing when you go off track and then stop yourself, focus and go on with what you KNOW is the truth.

Meditation makes you a better person

Daily meditation will put you in touch with YOU.  Your awareness of your thoughts and feelings will increase and you will find that you become more compassionate toward yourself and others.

The daily noise starts disappearing and you put your energy toward what matters: Relationships, friends, family, your business and most of all YOU!

Meditation increases your health

Daily practice will increase your ability to control your thoughts and emotions.  As you can imagine this will have a profound effect on your stress levels, you will not get aggravated when things do not go your way and you will put your attention on “what has been achieved” in stead of “what still needs to be done”

I find that when I am in this state of mind I also feel the need look after my body.  Exercise, eating healthier and the simple act of smiling become easier.  All this results in a snowball effect of increased health.

Does meditation work

Meditation makes you more creative

I have a financial background and can tell you, Creativity in NOT big on the agenda when you learn finance. Although there are big divides among the experts about “left Brain, right Brain” thinking, I do believe we learn how to tackle issues in our lives.

Some of us use spreadsheets, while others will think about solutions and  I have to admit, the Thinkers are responsible for a whole lot more changes in the way we live.  Being creative is essential to success.  It has always been that way and will never change.  You need to get in touch with your creativity more often and become the thinker you are capable of being and meditation is the key in this journey.



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