Today’s video is something special.

Last year I was privileged enough to Attend my second Afest (this one was in beautiful Costa Rica).  My time there was life changing (to say the LEAST)  and the energy of all the attendees and speakers were mind blowing.

Everywhere you looked you could see people engaging in life changing conversions, people planning to change the world and people pushing themselves so far our of their comfort zones that they are scared sh#tless .. All this is a recipe for PURE CHANGE!

You walk away feeling empowered and ready to do the things you dreamed of and do it NOW!!

One of the speakers at Afest Costa Rica was Christie Marie Sheldon.  She is a best selling author, one of the world’s leading energy healers (no .. don’t roll your eyes) and an expect in intuition.  She spend about 30 minutes on stage doing some amazing things and talking about a subject that I knew very little about (and must admit, did not quite understand at the time): “Abundance Blocks“.

The great thing is … this talk was recorded and is now available for everyone to watch.  I posted the video below and urge you to take 30 minutes from your, find a quiet place and listen to this amazing talk.

Christie explains:

  • What abundance blocks actually are, and HOW you can stop recreating the same negative patterns.
  • How you can begin effortlessly attracting more money into your life, simply by clearing the negative money patterns imprinted on you at a young age
  • Why abundance blocks — which are emotional and energetic — affect your body physically (and how you can use energy clearing to become stronger and healthier)
  • Real-life examples of how people instantly attracted massive abundance — with money, success, dating, ect… — all through the power of energy clearing techniques Christie teaches

and then as a BONUS:

  • Christie will guide you through an actual energy clearing session, so you can remove your abundance blocks and begin experiencing prosperity today!


So find time in your diary today, find a quite place and spend 30 minutes with Christie below:

I would Love to hear from you!