your why in 5 easy stepsYesterday I send a quick email out to all the GiganticAction fans and the response was surprisingly profound.  I went back to the email just to see what it was that touched people so much that they would email, comment and engage at such a level and then realized ….

It was a quick summary of easy steps about meaning in your life.

Everyone wants some sort of meaning in their life.  They want to know that what they do daily means something in their own as well as other people’s lives.  It does gives you a sense of belonging and lets be honest …. We ALL want to feel good about our lives!

Today I decided to give a bit more detail and break down these easy steps for everyone to follow.  This will literally take 5 minutes to do and I suggest you do it in the evening.  Just try it for 30 days and see the results you will get:

Step 1 – Write

Write down you daily actions .. everything you do.  Just jot it down on a piece of paper or a diary / notebook (I suggest you get a dairy or notebook you keep with you all the time) and note the time you spend on these actions daily.  Do this for a couple of days and you will see a pattern forming.

After 2 or three days you summarize your main actions and then sort it in order of time consumed.  Highest time consumed at the top down to lowest time consumed in your day.  These actions will stay mostly constant as you do this over the next 30 days, but if any of your actions change, change your actions list!

Step 2 – Meaning

Now that you have your list of actions write down the meaning of these actions (only do this with the top 10 time consumers).  Give these actions meaning in your life by writing down why you do them.  Give your action an emotion and really understand why you do it?

Do you just do it because you are cruising though your day or it is a conscious decision that is made daily to achieve a goal.

Whats your why in 5 easy stepsStep 3 – Alignment

Now note if these top 10 actions aligns with your goals in life.  If you do these actions, are you Closer or Further away from your goals?

This is a difficult step (although quick to do if you are honest) and you will be tempted to justify your actions if the answer is not to your liking.  DO NOT DO IT! Be honest, you are only bullsh$tting yourself if you’re not!

Step 4 – Eliminate

Now you have a summary of your top 10 actions, what the meaning of these actions are in your life and if these actions align with your goals or not you will have to make that difficult decision …. Keep the actions that progress you towards your goals and SCRAP the ones that DO NOT.

To not do something is easy, to DECIDE and COMMIT to not doing something .. now that is the difficult part, but you will need to do it.  No one can do it for you, you do not have to justify your actions to anyone but yourself and you cannot lie to yourself … JUST DO IT.

Step 5 – Concentrate Your Efforts

What you have left over after step 4 is you top actions that align with your goals and give meaning to your life. Now spend more time on these actions, its that simple.

If you can spend 30 minutes less time in from of the Idiot Box (TV) and 30 minutes more on action that will help you achieve your goal, you will spend 10 950 hours more time per year on achieving your goals (That is more that 1 full week at 24 hours a day!). Just think how much faster those life goals will be achieved.

Find your why in 5 easy steps

And that is it, 5 simple steps in discovering your why that will blast you forward to achieving your goals.

  • Write
  • Meaning
  • Alignment
  • Eliminate
  • Concentrate Your Efforts

Remember if you want something different in your life, you have to be prepared to do something different.  Start with these 5 easy steps and build from there.  It all about consistency .. just do it daily for 30 days and see what an effect this will have on your life.

I would Love to hear from you!