take actionI really don’t understand how people jump from one product to the next, from one guru list to the next, from one WordPress theme and plugin to the next.

Why am I confused .. its simple .. you are not focused, you will never succeed!  All you are going to do is waste time and money on all these things and get nowhere.

Its like having the fastest race car in the world, being the best driver in the world, but then getting nowhere, because you are trying to race on ice with slick wheels.

Step One to Focus – Make a decision

Only YOU can make a success of your business.  Only YOU make the decisions in your business.  Only YOU can make it happen.

If YOU don’t make a decision, don’t bother.  Don’t waste time and money on running around in circles, from one product to the next, one opportunity tofocus the next and then tell everyone afterward how making money online is not possible.

Most opportunities work .. period … and if you have not been able to make it work, then you and only you are to blame.  Most of the time you don’t give it enough time and thought that money will magically fall from the sky and you bank account will increase exponentially within a week.

Sorry to disappoint you, but online businesses are like any business.  You do research, make a decision and then focus on making that decision work with consistent action over time!

Step Two to Focus – Commit

After you make this decision you have to stick to it.  You made the decision based on your research, not just to spend money on rubbish right?

commitmentSo trust your decision.  Commit to your decision.  Start today and make every second count.

You have made the correct decision and you have to know that it will work.  See yourself succeeding and make it happen.  Then take that consistent action.

Obviously it takes hard work, but no other business opportunity (and I am talking any BUSINESS opportunity) is any different.  That’s what makes this so great.

When you fail … you learned a way of how not to do it again.

When you succeed, you celebrate and replicate.

Step Three to Focus – Focus and Consistent Action

A little obvious I know .. but focussing on a specific opportunity and consistently taking action is key to anyone’s success.Act NOw

Bill Gates did not acquire a MacDonald’s Franchise as backup in case Microsoft did not work  … NO … he focused, took consistent action and built the company bigger and better.  He focused on what worked and replicated his actions.

Focus on your decision, focus on you business, focus on your success and, take consistent action.

Stop focussing on other crap .. if what you focus on does not make you any extra money in your business, you are focussing on the wrong thing.

Lets Summarize

Focus on one thing.  It can be what ever you want, but making your decision, committing to your decision, focusing and taking consistent action can only lead to success.

It really is that simple.

Have a great day


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