Today’s blog post will concentrate on what you need to achieve success in your business.  I will be talking from the Home Business view point, but you can use this in any business.

I have narrowed the success formula down to Four Steps to achieving business success.  Nothing else is needed, just follow these four steps.  It works for me and it work for A LOT of successful people and will work for you

Four Steps to Achieving Business Success – Step One

four steps to achieving business successThe first step to achieving business success is Intention.

You need to be clear on your intentions for you and your business.  If you do not know where you want to take your business tomorrow, next week, next month and next year, how will you know what to do in your business.

Intention is almost like your vision on steroids.  If you take a vision an you add a decision to do what ever it takes, you get intention.  The absolute 150% energy that makes you push through every boundary, any challenge etc … all you concentrate on is getting to your goals.

Intention is the start to the four steps to achieving business success and you need to ensure you follow ALL four steps.

Four Steps to Achieving Business Success – Step Two

Step two in achieving business success is Strategy.

Now that you know what your intention is for your business, an absolute CLEAR intention, and have 150% commitment, you need to find a way to achieve the end destination that is you Intention.

A strategy is not just .. MMMmmm yip i’ll get their hopefully this year .. NO WAY.

A strategy is:  I will earn $10 000 per month from July onward.  I will work 2 hours a day, follow all my training (8 simple steps in Empower Network) and be consistent in applying my strategy to my business AND I will do it with a clear intention of an end goal, YOUR end goal.

Four Steps to Achieving Business Success – Step Three

Now to step three in achieving business success, KISS or Keep It Simple Stupid!business succes

What is the use of a strategy if it is so complicated that it will be a pain to stick to.  Or a strategy that is based on everything being perfect.  

A Strategy should be short and sweet, to the point, be focused on your intention and be achievable without perfection.  When you have a simple strategy it helps you concentrate on the last step to achieving business success.t otherwise you cannot continue to the next step.  If this is your plan .. good luck keeping yourself busy, but you will not succeed.

Four Steps to Achieving Business Success – Step Four

The last of the steps to achieving business success is ACTION.

Now I don’t mean some willy nilly action with no accountability for yourself.  Remember you now have you own business and although I care about your success, I really don;t care about your business.

Your business is your baby and you have to nurture it and make sure it grows up and has the principles in place to be sustainable for a very long time.

Back to the action step though … You need to ACT, Gigantic Action, Action that will put every one else in your rear view mirror purely on your commitment to Act and be successful.

business success

So many people mess around  get to step 3 and that is where it is left.  The excuses are everywhere: “It’s not ready yet, I need to do a few more things, It’s almost ready to release”.

Screw it .. Act and get it done.  You can always streamline as time goes on, but for now you have to ACT and get your Intention out there, following your strategy that you made sure will be simple enough to follow.

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Four Steps to Achieving Business Success – In Closing

This post is filled with very important information and I trust you will treat it that way.  You have to stop asking all the wrong questions and get going.  The four steps to achieving business success is everything you need to succeed in any business.




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