How to beat the Monday Morning Blues

As the alarm goes off you roll over and press snooze, lie down for 10 more minutes and the alarm starts screaming again … You wish the weekend was just one day longer … why do you HAVE to get up? ….

Does this sound familiar?

Monday morning BluesDo you struggle to get out of bed on a Monday morning?

Don’t worry, you are not alone.  Most people in the daily grind feel like this every single Monday morning, BUT you  do not have to.  It’s a simple case of the Monday Blues and you can remedy this with 11 simple Actions.

I read this a while ago on and practicing this (or even just some of the Actions), will take away your dreadful Monday Morning Blues 🙂

Action 1 – Identify your Problem

Ask yourself this question and be open about the answer.  If you feel down and unmotivated every Monday morning, you might just be unhappy at work and need to fix the issues.  This can be done by changing your circumstances (quit your job, request a transfer etc) or changing your attitude toward the problem.

Action 2 – Prepare for Monday on Friday

This is such a simple action to take.  Before you leave work on Friday, jot down what needs to be done next week and put down some Action steps for Monday.  A simple to-do list with some basic actions will give you the confidence to know that Monday will not be overwhelming and you can start Monday morning with a BANG!!

Action 3 – Make a list of things You are Excited about

In stead of thinking of and complaining about all the thing you DO NOT want to do in the coming week, why not make a list of thing that will be Exciting in the week to come.  Stick to 3 things max and start get excited about the the week to come.

UnplugAction 4 – Unplug over the Weekend

This is quite difficult to do in this day and age.  Smartphones, VPN and email on the go make it difficult to unplug from the stresses of the work week.  Try to unplug (no work, no email, no strategies) and spend time with your friends and family and doing what you love.  If you cannot take a whole weekend of, plan a specific time over the weekend that you are COMPLETELY unplugged.  Create the HABIT!

Action 5 – Get enough Sleep and get up Early

Take is easy on Sunday’s and make sure you get to bed a little earlier.  Stay away from technology (including the Idiot Box, my word for Television) for about 1 hour before you tuck in.  Why not go to bed a little earlier and read a book, start relaxing and then go to sleep.

Set your alarm for 15 to 30 minutes earlier.  That way you do not have to rush when you get up and you do not start your day with unnecessary stresses.

Action 6 – Dress for Success

Take your clothes out the night before and make sure you will feel great in what you wear.  It’s always exciting to put on your cloths in the morning with that extra bit of extra confidence.

Always be positive

Action 7 – Always be Positive

In stead of thinking how far you still have to go, look at what has been achieved.  A simple act of practicing Gratitude every morning for what you have achieved will set you up with a positive attitude for the day.

Action 8 – Now make someone Else Happy

Make a habit of complimenting one person in the morning when you get to work.  A simple “I love you new hairstyle” or “You look great today” will light up someone else’s day and you will feel that energy bouncing back at you.

Action 9 – Manage you Monday Schedule

Do not overwhelm yourself on a Monday morning.  You do not want to sit in meetings from the time you walk in to the time you go home.  Be productive, but try to manage you schedule to make your Mondays a little lighter.

Have Fun

Action 10 – Have Fun 🙂

Do something fun at work on a Monday morning.  Decide that you and a friend go for a quick coffee in the Morning and catch up, or get some muffins on the way to work and hand them out when you get there.  All this builds excitement and will give you something to look forward to.

Action 11 – Plan a Post Work event

It does not have to be something big.  Maybe you will make a nice dinner in the evening or set a date with your kids to play catch in the back yard … anything to look forward to.  This will build excitement and give you energy to navigate the day productively.

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  1. Manilal Mahadeo [Joe] Reply

    Good advice, however quiting your job, due to lack of motivation for work on a Monday morning, is a bit extreme, however I believe work can be very productive, if working colleagues learn to appreciate one another and work together, in this way one can be motivated every day,

    • nico smit Reply

      Hi Joe, Thanks for the feedback.

      Sometimes the extreme is what is needed to get some people out of a rut. Your advice is gold!

  2. Manilal Mahadeo [ Joe] Reply

    I believe we all can look forward to work, not only on Monday’s but every day, if the following can be achieved, we must all work as a team, any problem or problems experienced by any one of our colleagues, must become our problem, we must give support to one another as one united family, we must be open, trust worthy, shared ideas and problems with one another, remember together we can achieve the impossible. We must say we achieved this, not I achieved this, off cause give credit to individuals when it’s due.

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