How You can Eliminate FearBob Proctor is a master at taking action and anyone who has known him for a while (even if you just found out about him through The Secret) also knows that he does not play around when giving advice.  If you want someone to tell you how great you are when you are struggling, Bob Proctor is probably not the one to seek out for advice.


If you want someone to motivate you and tell you the way it is, then this advice will shift you to the next gear.  I found this quick video from Bob Proctor today and just had to share it. He talks about How you can Eliminate Fear in your life and this is the core of

Fear causes hesitation and hesitation WILL make your worst fears come true.  So watch the video, get inspired, take action and eliminate fear in your life.

Be sure to watch the last 30 seconds, Bob Proctor knows just the right strings to pull to get you to start Taking Action!

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