How you can overcome the 6 Basic Fears of MankindAlmost 80 years ago Napoleon Hill wrote about the 6 Basic Fears of Mankind.  It’s amazing that, after all this time, people are still struggling with the same fears daily.

In his book Think and Grow Rich, Hill touches the surface when discussing these fears and gives basic guidelines on how to overcome them.  Later on he wrote the book Law of Success: From Master Mind to Golden Rule and in THIS book he digs into the detail.

So what are these 6 Basic Fears of Mankind you as ….?

  1. The Fear of Poverty
  2. The Fear of Criticism
  3. The Fear of Ill Health
  4. The Fear of Loss of Love
  5. The Fear of Old Age
  6. The Fear of Death

This list pretty much covers every fear we struggle with on a daily basis.  Think of anything you fear in your life and you will be able to slot it into one of these categories.

Off course the next question you are going to ask is …

how to overcome the 6 basic fears of mankindHow can I overcome the 6 Basic Fears of Mankind

In answering this I want to take you back a few years to a movie called “Point Break”.  This was a movie about surfers travelling the USA and robbing banks to fund their “endless summer” and (off course) the young rookie cop that wants to bust them and make a name for himself.  It stars Keanu Reeves (as the cop) and Patrick Swayze as the main surfer character.

At one point in the movie (my favorite part off course), while they are sitting around the fire on the beautiful beach and talking about surfing BIG waves, Swayze says “Fear causes hesitation and hesitation will make you worst fears come true”

And that is it.  Fear is unknown.  You fear something because you have never experienced it before and have no reference from past experience to guide you to action.  You literally do not know what to do.

The only way to break this is fear is to ACT.

Action is the ONLY way to conquer any fear

There is no way around it.  If you fear death, you actually fear that you will come to the end of your life and you will regret all the things you did not do.  So ACT NOW and start doing the things.

You fear criticism because you are worried what other people might say if you follow your dreams.  Just take Gigantic Action, follow your heart and find new people.  People that support you and that will push you EVER further!

How can I overcome the 6 Basic Fears of Mankind

Remember this: On the other side of Fear is Freedom.

Not one successful person throughout history has ever given in too fear.  THEY ALL HAD IT, but they dealt with it differently.  They acted IN SPITE OF FEAR and they succeeded!

Now go out there and embrace your fears, it will be your path to freedom and success.

The best advise I ever got from a mentor (and this was just on a passing by) was: “Write down the things you fear THE MOST in life, be specific, and then go DO IT!”  What a great way to live.

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  1. Christelle Reply

    Hi Nico,

    Ek dink jy het ‘n baie goeie onderwerp gekies. Eintlik is dit ‘n onderwerp wat nie net deur daai 6 punte gedek kan word nie… Mense oor die algemeen is bang vir alles. Ek het nou die dag ietsie gelees of iewers na iets geluister en die onderwerp daar was ”THE FEAR OF FAILURE….” Ek persoonlik dink dit is die grootste problem wat die meeste mense het.

    Net ‘n ”update”…. besig met ”Re-Awaken the Giant Within”…. maar ek haak gereeld vas en maak eers elle lange lyste… so dit gaan nie vinning nie….. en dan natuurlik al die miljoene vrae oor wat my doel in die lewe is… tawwe een… jy gee mens baie huiswerk 🙂

    • nico smit Reply

      Hi Christelle,

      dankie vir die wonderlike nota. Ek stem saam “Fear of Failure” is a baie groot probleem vir meeste mense. Ons is partykeer so gewoond aan wat ons in die verlede gedoen het, dat ons dink dinge gaan nie uitwerk as on iets verander nie.

      Geniet die boek en die lysies 🙂


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