I’ve been reading Psycho Cybernetics, by Maxwell Maltz, and although it is the 3rd time I am reading the book, I keep discovering gems that I did not pick up the previous times .. OR maybe I was just not concentrating ūüôā

psycho cybernetics

If you have not read the book yet, you have to get it and read it.  Psycho Cybernetics was the first ever book tackles the issue of self image and how you can improve your life by improving your self image.

Today I want to summarize a Mental Training Exercise that is at the end of Chapter 2.  It starts off by describing the 5 Principles of our Success Mechanism and then we have to put in in practice.  So without wasting any more time, here it is:

1) AIM

Your built-in success mechanism must have a goal or a “target”. ¬†Once you have decided on this goal you must live as if it is¬†already in existence. ¬†This is done by steering yourself toward a goal already in existence or by “discovering” your goal already in existence.


Our automatic mechanism operates on en results (your goals).  Do not get discouraged when you are unsure of how you will reach your end goal.  You need to ensure that your aim is set and then trust that your automatic mechanism will supply the meas to reach your end goal.


Mistakes or temporary failures will occur, so relax.  Our servo-mechanism reaches our goals by negative feedback, in other words we move forward, make mistakes, correct and move forward again.  This correction is automatic and you need to relax and not try to interfere.


When moving forward through negative feedback we learn by forgetting the past errors AND remembering the successful responses so that we can “imitate” these responses in the future again.

5) DO

In the spirit of GiganticAction.com … you have to learn to take action. ¬†Do not get your conscience mind involved in this step too much. ¬†You automatic success mechanism will guide you the direction to go, you will learn through mistakes made, BUT you have to ACT. ¬†Do what you are guided to do and do not get in your own way!

Now that you have the five steps its time for the exercise.

  • Select a Target (loosing weight, be a golfer with a straight drive every time, eating at least 3 healthy meals a day, exercise daily etc)
  • Devote 10 – 15 minutes daily creating a mental picture of you after your already reached your goal. Visualize, write it down, scetch a picture etc
  • Do this for 21 days and see what happens

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