Now that you know that he only way to be successful in any business is to take action, Gigantic Action, it is time to chat about another “taboo” topic for most people:

self belief

Self Belief

If you are not going to believe in yourself no one will .. PERIOD!

Show me one successful person that do not believe in themself and their abilities to succeed at any project that they tackle.  They don’t exist …  Successful people believe they can do anything if they apply themselves to it.

In my business I believe in replicating what successful people do.  If you surround yourself with people that have done you strive to do you will start to do what they do, talk the way they talk and eventually succeed like they do.

After I started doing that, success was around the corner.  What makes it more interesting is that the stronger your belief in yourself, the quicker success manifests. So once again it is all up to you – Believe and do it at 200%

Self Belief – You and You Alone

I have to stress this .. You are the only one that can change your self belief and if you don’t do it before you start your business you will not succeed.

I just decided one day .. I can achieve what ever I want to in life, but what really kcik be straight in the crotch was a Audio I listened to by a very successful Network Marketer, Tony Rush, and this is what he said (in my words off course):

Do you have kids?  Don’t we all tell our kids that they can achieve anything in their lives and should not short change themselves.  Of course we do.


we have to remember that they are not stupid.  How can we preach to them about freedom, how they can achieve anything in life and to never stop trying and dreaming.  Then what do we do?

We work as slaves for pennies, have no freedom, give up on our dreams and trying to live the way we always said we would.  We do exactly the opposite to what we try to teach our children and in turn, ruin their chances of being the success we want for them.

Think about it .. if we don’t practice what we preach, we might as well not preach at all.

believe in yourselfSelf Belief – If only for Your Family

Listening to this was such a realization to me that I decided there and then to stop the nonsense, get my butt into gear, start believing in myself and be a proper role model for my family.

Success in your business will come, it’s inevitable, but the values this will teach your children, through your actions, is a lesson that no words can ever teach.

So stop your nonsense, close your eyes, make a decision and believe in yourself.  It’s not difficult


Nico “Self Belief” Smit

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