I often get asked “What is the Path to Success”, “What training can you suggest on achieving a goal” or “What is the one thing helped you beat procrastination” and my favorite “Where do you get the time to do all this stuff”

I always laugh at the last one as we all have 24 hours in the day.  Money can buy a lot of things, but the one resource it cannot buy (and NO ONE has an advantage over another) is the one thing we take for granted … TIME.

the path to success is action

I cannot put it simpler than in this quote from Tony Robbins.  The reality is that you can learn every thing there is to learn on success, read all the books, do all the courses and teach others about it, but the only thing that will guarantee success in your life is ACTION … and not just any action.

It has to be Massive, Gigantic, Determined action toward a very Specific Goal in your life.

Napoleon Hill calls this goal a “definite chief aim”.  I love this description as it internalizes our goal and makes it part of who we are.  There is no use in trying to achieve the goals your parents or spouse or friends set you.  You will lose interest and find it difficult to keep the momentum going.  Your goals (definite chief aim) should be part of you.  The one thing you will do anything for and keep aiming for until you achieve it.

I want to emphasize this part purely because you WILL NOT succeed on your first try …  no successful person ever did.  If you are not aiming for a goal that is, in essence, part of you, you won’t have the motivation to keep going.  Your negative self talk will start taking over and before you know it … WHAM … you are sitting on the couch watching the idiot box telling yourself “I will start again tomorrow” and your 24 hours a day become 20 hours after you spend 4 hours taking ZERO action on the couch.

That brings me to the next point:


Action always beats intention

Intending to do something is not action.  Planning to do something is NOT action.  You have to eliminate words that make you think that you are taking action.  “I would like to…”, “I must do this…”, “I must make a plan to ..” are all things we tell ourselves to make us feel good about our actions.

We have a funny way of selling Procrastination to ourselves as Taking Action.  “At least I will start tomorrow, that’s better than yesterday.” If you find yourself doing this just ask the following question:

How is Tomorrow going to be different from Today?

You will realize that nothing will be different.  You will be as busy tomorrow and you were today, you will sit in the same traffic, have the same chores, still be tired in the evening (or you think you will be tired) and will sit on the couch saying things like “I will really start tomorrow”

Procrastination is a HABIT, that’s all, and the only way to break that habit is by taking action.  NOT intending to take action, but to do something right this moment even if it just one small step.

Coming back to the title of today’s post “The path to success is ACTION”  and you need to start immediately

Step 1 – Action

Commit to yourself that you WILL succeed (Take action, write it down if you have to)

Step 2 – More Action

Write down you goal, your Definite Chief Aim. Make it apart of you by reading this daily.  Get passionate about it.  This will carry you through ANY setback.

Step 3 – Take Action

Just start Taking Action.  Most people don’t because of fear of failure, don’t fall in that trap.  You will make mistakes, learn from it.  Mistakes are the best lessons in life so be  grateful for and embrace every one of them.  With that mindset all you will see is how far you have come and how much closer you are to your goals.

In the words of my favorite martial artist:

Bruce Le Knowing is Not Enough

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