the purpose of life isI have had a question bug me for a while now.  It is the type of question you try to bury, but it keeps popping up.  It’s almost like that itch in your ear you cannot scratch.  You try everything.  Your finger, a pen, a smaller pen … but you just cannot get to it.

So, I decided to chat to a few people about it and the answer from 99.9% of them was … Go find the answer … and I made the decision to do it.

The Question:

What is the Purpose of Life … or … what is the Meaning of Life … or maybe … what is my Why in Life … or even … Why are we here

In essence this is all the same question and we all struggle with this every once in a while.  I do believe it is quite an important question to answer, even though most people (including me) just want to bury it.  Maybe we are afraid of the answer.  Maybe we just want an excuse not to step outside our comfort zone.  What ever it is, if you do not answer the question you will never be happy.

If you are just spinning your wheels every day by being busy just to avoid this question, the talk below might just be the thing to slow you down and give you time to scratch that itch.

So to answer the question the blog started with:  Remember that the Purpose of Life is a Life of Purpose

Watch the talk and go find your purpose 🙂

I would Love to hear from you!