It’s that time of the months again.  We are going to Review “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” by Deepak Chopra at The Book a Month Club.

Seven Spiritual Laws to Success Free Download

How did it go with your reading this month.  It’s quite a short little book, but the information is just to valuable to dismiss.  It’s like every single word needs to be taken to heart and acted upon … just so valuable.

Here at  The Book a Month Club we do also cater for the ones that fell behind a little.  The people that joined a little late, got stuck in their work / business or just had an extremely busy month. Yes we did not forget about you.

Below I have posted two links where you can download a Philosophers Note on The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.  It is a 20 minute audio and a .pdf of a few pages that summarise the BEST ideas of this book.  Download it now and get through it .. it takes 20 minutes, that’s all!!!

>> Click here to download your 20 minutes Audio <<

>> Click here to download your .pdf <<


If you like this, don’t forget to check out the Philosophers Note page –> 180 Amazing books summarized … UNBELIEVABLE!

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