Today’s post is a little more on the question side.  I know you are used to getting some great tools from me weekly, but sometimes change is also good 🙂

I spent a week on the West Coast in South Africa last week (Langebaan to be exact) and had a LOT of time to relax, spend time with my family and think about my life and what it is that I want to achieve.

We all have things we do daily, some things we are good at, some we are great at, some we don’t mind doing and some things just annoy us, but this is not a way to live the one and only life we are given

What do you Truly Love

My question to you today is WHAT DO YOU TRULY LOVE

This is a question that keeps popping up through my journey and I have not spent enough time to get to the answer.  We all love learning about tools to hack our live, be better at tasks, doing things faster, be more efficient, BUT are you using these tools to do what you TRULY LOVE?  If not, we will just get better at doing things we do not enjoy and do not LOVE to do.

I have decided to spend the next few months getting to the answer and building on what I truly love. So here is my process:

  1. I will be asking for help from my close circle of friends that have achieved what I still want to achieve in life
  2. I will then spend the next 2 months (at least) discovering what I truly love
  3. I will spend all my energy DOING what I truly love

If you do not consciously decide to make changes and take control of your life, you will just be floating around doing the things you “like, do not mind doing, that annoy you”.  Make sure you understand this and make a decision today to discover what you TRULY Love.

Below is a YouTube video from an commencement speech Steve Jobs did a few years ago at Stanford University.  Watch it and take in the advice.  We need to be the “square peg in the round hole” and we need to LOVE doing it!

I would Love to hear from you!