Have you ever asked yourself “Why” you do certain things.  

Why are you in your current job. running your current business, in your current relationship .. why, why , why.  I’m sure these questions pop up daily and we can drive ourselves crazy with this.

do something today that your future self will thank you forThe reality is we keep asking the “Why” questions, but never move to the next step .. Answering the question!

Isn’t that insane.  We ask the same things over and over, but never do anything about it.  Call it procrastination, not wanting to move, scared as hell about what might happen if we do answer the question .. it doesn’t matter, the reality is we get stuck!

My dream with GiganticAction.com is to get people to act and get out of this loop of worrying about “Why” and not doing anything about it.  Off course you can do this is many ways:

  • Setting Goals
  • Meditation
  • Getting a mentor
  • Attending seminars
  • etc

Get out of your comfort zoneBut I do believe it is important to start with the question you keep asking … “Why do you do what you do”.  When you answer this you will be able to move forward and with the use of some of the tools motioned above you WILL get unstuck and blast yourself to a path of Action, Growth and Happiness.

Below is a quick video from Tony Robbins about just this topic.  He tackles the issue of “Why we do what We do” and notes some breakthrough ideas.  Watch the video TODAY and start applying what he teaches.  Then take action, get unstuck and move yourself outside of your comfort zone.  You are way to smart to stand in your own way, so get going 🙂

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