How to deal with emotionsHumans are emotional beings and we go through our daily lives making decisions, thinking about the past, planning the future and every decision we take includes a feeling of emotion and ultimately results in some sort of stress release in the body.  We feel good or feel bad, we feel energized or maybe a little laid back 🙂 .. I’m sure you get my drift.

What we need to remember is that we can only handle our emotions in 4 ways.  It’s important to realize this and be consciously aware when we handle our emotions.  Below I have summarized the 4 ways we handle our emotions and what the effects of these action could be.

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1) We Avoid

The easiest way to handle an emotion, especially a bad one, is to avoid it.  The problem is that we sometimes avoid situations in order to avoid an emotion.  The result could be disastrous for reaching your goals.

2) We Deny

Outright denial is also an easy escape to deal with emotions.  The problem with denial is that the emotion does not go away .. it stays there lingering, building and will eventually manifest in the worst situations in the worst way.

Ways to deal with Stress3) We Compete

“Mine is bigger than yours”.  A great escape to sit in a little group and get a Noddy badge for who has the biggest problems and who feels the worst.  This is very a destructive way of dealing with emotions.  You concentrate on the negative and that just builds further and further.

Just a note – If you are surrounded by friends who uses this escape often … GET NEW FRIENDS

4) We Accept and Learn

The best way of dealing with emotions (Negative and Positive) is to accept it and learn.  A problem is only a situation that you do not have a solution for yet.  It is an opportunity for Growth and Learning in ways to solve issues.

If you want to be truly successful, embrace your emotions, learn from it, grow with it and THRIVE!

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  1. Jay Moodley Reply

    Excellently explained .It happens in our daily lives.Thank you for these motivations

  2. nico smit Reply

    Hi Isaac,

    glad you liked it. Remember that everything is about Action 🙂

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