Your Life in Jelly Beans

How much time do you REALLY have in this life?

28 thousand days

I was sent the video below this week and it had a profound effect on me.  It explains our average life of 28 000 days in the form of JellyBeans and how we spend it in our daily lives.  Time spent eating, sleeping, commuting, watching TV, working and all the daily activities that we do without putting too much thought into it.  What you are left with after all these activities is your real life.

Watch the video … it will shake you to your core.  Our REAL time in this life is not nearly as much as what we think.  Time is the one resource we can NEVER get back.  You cannot buy more and when it has passed … well, it is GONE.


Think of this when watching:

  • How much time do I REALLY spend in these activities?
  • How much time do I REALLY spend on building my dreams?
  • How much time do I REALLY spend on my life!!!?

I cannot impress enough on you that your life is NOW!!  Not the regret of yesterday and not the worry of tomorrow.  Spend time with your family, spend time dreaming, spend time building your dream, spend time helping others.

Take Action Start Today

Life is about experiences and contribution and the day you realize this, you will stop wasting time on activities that you cannot influence and start living the life you where meant to.

Please leave you thoughts below the video (appropriately called The time you have in JellyBeans)

  • What thoughts or feelings did this leave with you?
  • Will you be making some changes?
  • Did this inspire you?
  • or just anything related 🙂


I would Love to hear from you!